Hannah's Love Story!

The school day ended like any other. Sam and Hannah were sitting under the oldest willow tree on the school borders. Taylor and Kevin walked over to them “Hey! What are you guys doing?” Kevin asked running one hand through his fine way hair, Hannah giggles softly “The term is Girls as well Kev”.
Taylor smiled at the two “Well we are having a bomb fire around the back of Kev's place tonight. Would you like to come?” she asked Sam looked away “Sorry guys I promised Rachel I would hang with her after school today”, Taylor's mouth dropped “That Goth??? You would rather hang with her then your own friends!”.
Kevin pushed in between the two “Look no fighting guys why don't you bring Rachel and we can all go together”.
Sam nodded warily and Hannah turned to face him “Who is Rachel?” she whispered, he blushed softly “She is my new girlfriend” Hannah bit her lip “Oh I didn't know” she said with a flip of her bronze hair, Sam ran a hand through his high lighted hair “Yeah...”
Taylor beamed happily “Look guys why don't we all go together, then no one gets left out” she offered. Hannah smiled “Okay I will see you guys there”.
It was way past dark when Hannah ran out of her house and over to the bomb fire. Sam waved to her, Rachel glanced up a revolted look on her face “What is she doing here?” she hissed.
“I invited her. She is my friend” he replied “Well no one wants her here!” she snarled, Hannah looked taken aback as the girl reached for her.
Hannah put her hands out in front of her pushing the girl into the fire, she look startled as the fire licked at her body.She looked at Sam and he smiled as she grabbed his shoulders and they kissed.


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