Fairy Tale

I found the box up in my attic. I opened it, and inside was a fairytale. It had a queer book cover. I opened the book, and started to read it. As I read, I grew more and more into the book. Suddenly I felt myself falling deep inside the book.

I hit the dirty, bare ground hard. My dress covered in dirt. Wait. I wasn't wearing a dress when I was reading the fairytale. I stood up, and I looked around. This wasn't my city, this was. a fairytale.

I saw a quaint looking man and as I looked closer he was indeed a knight. The knight hopped on his noble steed and galloped away into the sunset. I was left alone. I walked on and on, until my feet hurt, that's when I saw it. I saw a gigantic dragon bearing down on me.

I screamed and ran on, but the dragon had huge and yellow disgusting fangs, and he was gaining on me. I found a castle, where I ran in the towering wooden doors, and into safety.

A stunning lady greeted me. The lady's name was Queen Longoria. The Queen welcomed me into her castle and offered me some clothes that weren't so burnt and charred. As I was getting changed I saw a handsome young man, walking by the rose garden next to my window. I got changed and rushed down the many wooden stairs, to find the young man standing in front of me.

He introduced himself. He said his name was Prince Philippe. I blushed a tomato red as he kissed my hand. Prince Philippe led me into the rose garden, where we danced and talked. The dragon I had escaped from earlier was flying above Prince Philippe and me.

The dragon swooped upon us, and snapped at my ruby red dress. As I let out a blood-curdling scream, Prince Philippe drew out his sword and began to battle the scaly dragon. The humongous, scaly dragon knocked Prince Philippe off his feet and snatched me up in his big, pin-point teeth. Whilst I was being clenched between the dragons teeth, my gorgeous dress ripped and I felt myself falling, until I fell onto a hard scaly surface.

I landed on the dragon's back again. As the dragon and I flew further and further away from the castle, it grew more and more dark. It was at the point where it was pitch black, when the dragon stopped at this high and majestic tower.

As I stepped off the dragon's back, my foot touched a window sill and I knew then and there that I was going to be staying here for a long, long time. I stood in the room of the tower. As there was only one room, the window sealed itself, so I was enclosed in this tower for ever.

After a day or two, my hair grew longer and longer, so I looked like a princess, only I was Arina, not a princess. Soon after my hair grew, I discovered that I could use my hair to get out of this tower, only that the window was enclosed.

At twilight, the raging dragon came by the window of the tower and I saw my chance. When the dragon flew past the window, the window opened and I was able to quickly grab my sword, before jumping back onto the dragon's sharp, scaly back. The dragon didn't feel my leap onto its back, as it didn't twitch one bit.

Whilst flying in mid air on the dragon's back, I drew out a gleaming silver sword and forced it into the spine of the dragon's pointy back. An ear-piercing scream came from the mouth of the dragon. I jumped through the sky just in time to see the dragon fall into the ocean. I had the sword, now I had to get to the castle and tell the Queen what I had done.

I walked calmly through the wooden castle doors and set the sword down in front of the Queen's feet. Then, Queen Longoria thanked me for my services and said I was allowed to take her son's hand in marriage. I said to the Queen that I couldn't take her son's hand in marriage, as I had my own home, family and friends to return to.

I asked the Queen to send me home, and all she said to do was hold my necklace and wish for God to send me home

As I did I felt myself being lifted up, towards the sky and then I hit the hard floorboards of my attic. The fairytale book was in front of me, closed shut. The box in the attic was open, so I placed the fairytale book back in the box and I sealed the lid.

My mother was calling me for lunch. As I walked out of the room, I promised myself that I'd never forget my fairytale - a dream come true.


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