I didn't believe in UFOs or aliens or any other “ out of space” creature, in fact I was a non-believer. But all that changed last Thursday night. It was just after midnight and I was driving east along the Black Land Valley Road when this weird object appeared just above my car.

I didn't really take notice of it at first (because I was to busy being a good driver keeping my eyes on the road.) Then it struck me what it was a unidentified flying object? How could I not have known? (all the T.V. Stations had breaking news, unidentified flying object sightings all over Australia.) These alien like critters came out and said ‘’ greetings Earth lings we come in peace, we bring you milk and cookies.”

If I was going to write a description about these creatures it would go a little like this. They have two huge long antennas, one Cyclops eye and a mono brow, bulging muscles, skinny midget legs, an ice-cream shaped body, a hemisphere head and ugly rotten teeth. They also have a pet (all of them have them) which have an oval shaped head two eyes which are not attached to their heads, freckles every where, three short legs, vampire teeth and a chin.

After they got out of their space craft that had Maori patterns on the top, two huge jet engines with flame designs on it, nine huge rings all around it with shiny, silver metal poles holding them and joining them together, two hash marks on the side of the ship and last but not least a weapon stable with bow and arrows and grenade launching kar 98s with bayonets attached to them. As well as night vision scopers .

After they got out of their space ship they started to talk in a weird language. I think they were saying should we give him the package.
I said, ‘Why are you here?” they replied.
'Here is a package, it's for you.” It was a birthday present from them.
It was my own Laser. I said “Thank you “and they shot off.

This story tells you that anything can happen. BY 0$(@R