I didn’t believe in UFO’s or aliens or any other ‘out of space’ creature, in fact I was a non-believer. But all that changed last Thursday night. It was just after midnight and I was driving east along the Black land Valley Rd when I saw a cloud of dust rising in front of me so I stopped and got out of the car.

I started to walk towards it. When I saw a weird looking object. Then it turned on I jumped back in fright. I ran back to the car and sat there for a while until I got my breath back. Then I saw a green thing coming towards me. It had two legs and four arms and eight eyes. It looked ugly. After a while it said I am no harm please don’t be scared of me but I still called the cops. When they came it was gone and they just said you may need a doctor love or some help but I always knew that it was true. Now I do believe in outer space things.