The weather was bleak, or was it just me?
Trying, toiling- I want to be free

Inordinately imprisoned; unfairly judged
A feral subterfuge to pullulate a grudge

Compelled to acquiesce, oh please grant me an advocate
My life beyond tragic, who wouldn’t rather suffocate?

It was esoteric, not a teacher to savvy
My pain inconspicuous, inconspicuous yet heavy

This loathsome cement to the class- reducing me to less than picayune
Jubilant no longer in my vocabulary, in my heart gone is the tune

Occlude me from the world, I pray, I plead
For you stifle my happiness and bitter is my creed

I hanker concession or even a mere simper
Appetences for acceptance, what is the relentless hinder?

All I get is lewd words or a staid reply
What can stir change? Away, just let me fly…


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