Yabbie Invasion

At Easter, my friend Lachie and I went up to Echuca.One day my family and Lachie went on my boat for a hour, when we got back the rest of my family went back up to the van, while Lachie and I stayed for a play. Suddenly lots and lots and lots of Yabbies and Mud Crabs started to surrounding us, to much to jump over. I called my dad as quickly as possible, but they were coming to us, luckily my dad came with fire and screaming to scare them of but they didn’t flee, and they started circling dad, and more and more came(luckily they were slow.) But even dad couldn’t jump over them. Until, our friends from the caravan, Di and Adrian had their boat out and scared them away with the horn “HONK” and the crustations were of, and they fled as fast as they could. Then that night we all went to the R.S.L for dinner. THE END!!!