Sacred Places

I turn my head for the last time in this place.
I can never bare to come here again.
No sinking feeling in my stomache and no-one watching me leave.
It just doesn't feel right.
As I leave my place I feel a breeze on my shoulder (kind of shaped like a hand), I turn again.
Nothing is left and I can feel the tears rollong down my face.
The image of him walking towards me and the others behind him reappears in my mind.
My legs drag me away and 1 minute later I am on the stairs with a soaked face, dry eyes and a wet shirt.
Everywhere I go, I cry.
Then I see him.
His cheeks are red and his group is laughing.
How can he be like this when I'm here dying.
I can't understand.
I don't want to leave, all my friends have disappeared and I am still there standing.
One tear drops onto my face and I run to the bathroom before I flood the ground around me.
The bell rings and they are still standing on the spot.
I feel a magnetic pull towards him.
I need to ask him soon.
I ask him, speaking to him for the first time...and last.
I know what he thinks of me.
I know his answer.
Now I have no more SACRED PLACES.