Fairy Magic

Once upon a time there were two fairy's.

One was called Aimee and the other was called Netlie.

They were sisters, Aimee was an
Animal-Talent and Netlie was an Garden-Talent, but they always worked together.

One day they went to the beach to find some ingredients.

When they reached the beach, and were looking around a dust of wind came and carried them into the water.

'What are we going to do' shouted Aimee, because they couldn't breath under water,
but luckily Netlie had brought some pixie dust along.

She quickly sprinkled over Aimee and herself so they could breath under water.

Just, then they saw a big creature Netlie didn't know who the creature was, but Aimee knew, it was a baby dolphin, Aimee became a friend of the dolphin by talking to it in its language, and they started to play with the dolphin and played till it was evening and then they had to say goodbye to there new friend.

After saying goodbye they got out of the water and dried there wings, and then flew back to Pixie Hollow.

The End

By Anusha Maheshwari


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