Once upon a time a plantation grew. A fairy popped out and magically took a girl called Gabriella to the enchanted world of fairies. Then a fairy came up to her and said ‘What are you doing here in fairyland?’ Well said Gabriella, a fairy brought me here.’ Where did she come out of?’ a flower said Gabriella. ‘Oh no she is the witch. She brings everyone here so she can get all of our powers and rule the world’, whispered the fairy. That night, the wizard put all different types of spells so Gabriella could defeat the witch. After, they set out looking for the witch. When Gabriella saw her, she clicked her fingers and a bucket of water came to her, she immediately poured water on the witch. The witch said ‘I’m melting’, as she was falling to the ground. The fairies said ‘Congratulations! You have destroyed the witch’. The wizard took her magic and she magically went back into her garden. And they lived happily ever after.
The End.


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