Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly

I strongly believe that Ned Kelly was a victim not a villain. He did do a lot of bad things but that was only in defence of himself or his family. As well as being driven to it by the villainous, disrespectful lying police force.

Ned Kelly was blamed for many things that he didn’t do like when sergeant Fitzpatric had dinner with the Kelly’s but cut his hand on the doorknob then Elizabeth Kelly offered to bandage up his hand for him. After sergeant Fitzpatric left he went straight to the pub and got drunk. A little later he went to the police commissioner and told him that Ned Kelly had shot him in the wrist and offered to cut it out with an old rusty pocket knife.

Ned and his family unfairly and wrongly. How? Well they were harassed and abused as well as being blamed for multiple things they didn’t do. E.g. when Ned was 14 he got sent to gaol for assaulting a china man which he didn’t actually happen. They let him out after 10days because they had no proof that Ned was the one who assaulted him.

When Ned was 12 he saved he saved a 7year old boy from drowning which shows that he is not a heartless, evil, villain, who doesn’t go off murdering and breaking the law for fun, he has a reason and that is as I said before, he was treated wrongly and so was his family.

To me Ned Kelly was a victim not a villain. I hope my story has changed your mind if you thought differently. Now I will conclude my exposition with Ned Kelly was a victim not a villain.