Magic Garden

She walked out. Out of nowhere Matilda screamed “Ahhh,” and she slipped into the book. When she arrived she was surrounded by a beautiful garden. She saw lots of different things like flowers and animals. She went wandering around until she saw a flower. “Hello I am Rose, how did you get here? It is suppose to be a secret garden,” She shouted.
“Well I am Matilda I was reading this book in the library and then I suddenly fell into this book,” she exclaimed with laughter. “Well that is just silly, don’t you think Matilda?”

Rose said with laughter “Yes very” she replied. “What is this place?” replied Matilda. “It’s a magical garden with magical flowers and filled with laughter said Rose. “WOW! A magic garden, who else lives here?” said Matilda. Suddenly all these beautiful flowers came out Red, blue, green, pink, orange and purple too. “WOW!” said Matilda. Matilda started dissolving “I am sorry it looks like my time is up, I will come back soon” exclaimed Matilda.
“Bye” shouted all the flowers.
“Hi Mrs. Phelps can I borrow this book please”
“Sure thing” said Mrs. Phelps.