Oh For The Life Of Me!

Oh for the life of me!

Dear Karla
Please have fun in the snow.
Love, Sheri

“Meow,” I said. ‘I wish she would feed me already.’

“Oh. Pepper. Hi, Puss,” Sheri said. “I wish I could go,” she added.

‘Go where?’ I thought.

“To the snow, of course,” Sheri whispered. “I can hear you think, Pepper. I know you are hungry. I know you like the furball down the road. I know you hate my dad. You can talk to me now, Pepper.” She smiled.

‘Oh no! Big trouble. Or so I thought. It really turned out to be the best thing in the world. It saved my life.’

Narni, the cat down the road, scooted off and I blew on my claws. I walked through an icky puddle of mud. You would think the council would clean up a children’s park. I walked in to the forest. Suddenly I heard a loud BANG!!

A man appeared and said angrily, “DARN BIRDS!! WHAT DO THEY THINK...? CAT TO KILL!!” He was running at me with a gun.

‘Help!’ I thought furiously. ‘Help me Sheri, help!’ When I opened my eyes, I was not sore anywhere, but I could see Sheri standing there with a broken nose and a bruised eye but otherwise looking very happy.
‘Thank you, Sheri.’ I thought. ‘You saved my life.’

“Anytime,” Sheri panted. It turned out that we had caught someone on the run from the police. Sheri got what she had always wanted, Karate lessons. The police said that anyone who could take on a man with a gun who was 3 times taller than herself deserved more than just that. So she also got $100 000 and I got never ending food and the furball and Sheri, me, Samantha (Sheri’s sister) and the parents all now live in a palace.

But I’m always on the lookout for madmen with guns just in case they go for an innocent kitty like me. Everyone is happy now.

Ella McGarvey
Year 4
Pomona State School
PO Box 34
Pomona 4568
54 808 222