I Had A Twin

I was born on the hottest day of all. I had a twin, but she passed away because it was too hot for her.

By the time we were going to go to her funeral she wasn’t in her coffin, but that was a long time ago, now I am nine and all grown up.
When we moved houses and my mum was unpacking, she had lots of photos of herself smiling and having fun, but now she is unhappy, lazy and stressed, all because she lost her daughter, and didn’t even see her at the funeral.

A few years later, when I was in grade six, my parents got divorced. My dad was tired of my mum being unhappy, so he left her. My dad was a doctor that analyzes D.N.A.
When I started high school, I had glasses and a ponytail, I was smart and shy. I was my own shadow. If someone stepped forward I would step back and if someone called my name while I was walking, I would continue.
During the next semester, a new student arrived in my class. She looked just like me, and acted just like me, but not shy.

A week later, I asked her” when were you Born”? She said, “January the First, the hottest day of all”. I said “me too”, and then I asked her my second question. “Do you have a mum or dad”? She said no, and that she lives with her grandma Lena, then I asked her my third question, “would you like to come to my house after school”? She replied, and said “yes”.
After school at my house, I asked my mum,” is she was my twin sister, my sister that went missing”, she said, “Go ask father he might be able to do a D.N.A test”.

When we got there I asked my father the same, he said, “I needs hair samples for D.N.A tests, and in two days you should have your answer”.
After two days past, we went back to my dad’s house, and he gave a cry and said, “YES! YES! YES! she is your sister!” then we all had a big group hug.

Then we all went together to tell OUR MUM. She got so happy that my sister and I saw the look on my dads face and knew he was thinking of something, and then he asked our mum if he could move back in, and my mum was more than happy to offer.

After that suddenly someone knocked on the door. “I’m here to pick up my grand daughter!” It was my sister’s grandma also known as our grandma.
Then when we opened the door she said. “I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation, but could I move in too”? “Sure” ,my mum said.

Then we all had one big house and one happy family with the best parents and grandma in the world.