War Zone

Looking through a crack in the wall
I see the sight of a war
Bombs exploding, guns going off
The ground is not all that soft
In my life my mum has died
And with that dad and me cried
Now we sleep on the bear floor
And there is just one door
Locked in we shiver in fright
At the loud, scary night
I look around at the place
Now I can’t see my friend Grace
She ran out of the room
Then we heard a loud big BOOM
And a cry that was so loud
Never again did we Grace Doud
All of a sudden there was a loud BAM
And the ground shook like wasanam
Then the noises all just stopped
I think a bomb was just dropped
Every one out side was cheering
A short man with a small earring stepped in side and yelled it ’s over.
Every one was cheering a tear in my eye
This was a war zone now were free
This was a war zone

By Courtney A. Brettle