Nearly Extinct!

Cutey, the lead lion is part of a small group of females and that group is part of the five remaining packs. They lived in South Africa.

One day when all the lions were resting, they heard commotion and chaos in the trees that had animals in them. It was close to the lions home and out came huge machines scattering the animals and destroying trees in the huge machines way. Some animals were squished because they did not have the speed to get out of the way of the rampaging machines. The animals who did not get away fell into the iron traps of poachers. The lions however, stood firm. But right at that moment a lion was squished and all of its insides spurted out and the blood spattered over the other lions. The lions ran for their lives in agony, mercy and despair. The lions ran through the grass lands into the other packs territory. The other lions attacked the pack of lions as they fled. Some were killed before the other lions were squished into a million tiny pieces.

Finally, the lions thought they were safe. There were only three left. Crack! Leaves gave way and a lion fell in! The other lions were surprised and fled but.. Snap! An iron trap clamped on the other lions foot. Cutey ran full speed away but he was hit by a car. He was hurt and cant be released back into his homeland.


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