Labour Takes On Liberal

Slam! I hit the office floor. Looking up I see Kevin Rudd standing above me laughing. "Your weak John Coward!" yelled Kevin snickering, "Your useless."

Slowly I push myself up off the ground with cut hands. In a lot of pain I carefully examine the gash in my arm from where he sliced me with his dagger. I look back up the stair case but Kevin was gone.

I peered left and right determined to find him. All of a sudden there was a deep laughter, then out of no where he slides down the stair case railing. As he's doing this he pulls out an AK-47 then starts to shoot at me. I narrowly dodge the bullets and then do a commando roll behind a nearby stone pillar. Luckly its not over yet because I can reach my brief case. I quickly grab my brief case and unlock it, then pulling out two gold hand guns I smile to my self because this was just the begining.

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