A Bad Start

"Joseph, Hurry Up!" Mum called impatiently. Mum, Dad, Joseph and Me, Angie were going to the airport. We were going on the holiday we had always dreamed about. Hawaii!
Joseph was in the bathroom once again! He was trying to decide on which brand of hair gel to pack. "Joseph!" Mum was screaming this time. Joseph is always in the bathroom trying to make his hair look good. I spend 5 minutes on my hair and he spends 15! Typical of boys today. Finally we were in our blue Ford car on the way to the airport.
We are going on a Jetstar plane and we leave at 12:30pm. I suppose I should say why I get to go on such an awesome holiday. My Dad works for Dunkmans Electrical. He has started his long service leave and they're paying for our holiday! Apparently he got Sales Manager of the year. Cool hey!
We arrived at the airport, checked in and said goodbye to our luggage. Hope we meet it again. We went to the cafeteria and got some snacks before our flight. "Flight 642STR is now boarding," called the announcer. "That's us!" I exclaimed. I hadn't noticed until now, but Mum was wearing her best skirt. We boarded the plane; I snuggled down in my seat and drifted of to sleep.
I awoke to the sound of a ladies voice echoing around the plane. "Notice to passengers, we are running low on fuel." I looked at Mum, her face was as white as frost. I was scared as I searched the water below. I deeply hoped we would make it. "We will be making an emergency stop," she continued.
I got my iPod out and listened to my favourite song, Funhouse by P!nk, to take my mind off the terror. Joseph and Dad were talking about what could happen and Mum was getting paler. With every horrifying word, mum was getting worried. I could see a beach in the distance. It had pure white sand, palm trees and aqua shades of water. As the plane turned I knew that was our saviour.
I could see the calm blue waves crashing on to the sand, taking coconuts back to the ocean. The plane could only have been mere metres above the ocean. I closed my eyes and held the seat tight. We touched down! It was a jolt but hey, I was still alive!
The Pilot ordered evacuation. In single file we rode the chute out of the plane and onto the warm sand. Unsure of our fate, we waited on the sand whilst the pilot explained we were to be rescued by a boat that would transfer us to Hawaii.
The boat finally arrived. We collected our luggage and hoped this ride would get us to our destination.
Hawaii here we come!


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