Halloween Mischief

“Boo!” My brother screamed from around the corner
“You didn’t scare me" I said plainly, that wasn’t a surprise to him, nothing ever scared me, well except aunt Margret’s kisses but apart from that I had never ever been scared in my life.
Today was Halloween and I planned to go trick or treating with my brother and a few friends. But my brother had to bring one of his friends as well, so that means less candy for me, I only agreed because mum said she would take away my Xbox for a week if I didn’t

We left home at around 5 o’clock wearing our own costumes, we looked like a scary bunch, before we left we decided on a plan, we will actually trick someone if they don’t give us candy, some of our ideas were egging their house or knick knocking them then throwing water balloons at them but later we just decided to put a stink bomb at their doorstep.

Out of the 31 houses we went only 2 didn’t give us candy, we were pretty disappointed with that. On the way home we decided to walk through the woods. When we were about 3 quarters through I saw an old, abandoned hut, we decided to take a look around. The house was covered in cobwebs and every time you opened a door it would squeak really loudly. When we got to the kitchen we decided to take a look inside the pantry, we found some dead bugs and a loaf of bread but nothing else. We also found a wet, hard bed and a candle which were both covered in dust.
The last room we visited was the bathroom it had a big bathtub in it and a dusty old sink.

I was almost out the door when one of my friends slammed the door closed and blocked it with a couch; unfortunately there were no windows in the bathroom so I couldn’t climb out one.

If was left there for almost three hours when my brother came back and opened the door by that time I was shivering cold and was starving, he had brought me an apple and a blanket.

“I would have came earlier but your friends didn’t let me” he said guiltily

On the way home every my brother ran off around a corner when I got there he yelled out ‘BOO!!’ and I let out the biggest scream of terror!


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