I Dont Know Why

My name is Isaac, I am five years old. I know my mummy loved me and she said Daddy did too. She said he worked hard and when he was cranky it was because he was tired. One night when Daddy came home he was really tired. Mummy grabbed me and ran to my room, she locked the door and we hid under the bed. I thought we were playing hide and seek, but when Daddy called for us he sounded scary. Mummy left me under the bed; she told me she’d be right back. She never came back.
After a while a man came. He found me hiding and told me to go with him. I didn’t know why but I went anyway. Daddy was in a car; it had flashing lights on top. I went in a car too, but mine didn’t have flashing lights on top. The man took me for a drive, I fell asleep.
When I woke up I was in a strange place. I was lying on a bed but it wasn’t mine. I was scared so I went to find Mummy. I couldn’t find her; I could only find another lady. She told me I was going to stay with her for a while. I was scared, I wanted Mummy. I didn’t know how to tell her, I had learned that being quiet was safer than talking. I didn’t know what to do so I cried. The lady tried to hug me I didn’t want her to. She wasn’t my mummy. I wanted my mummy.
After a few days I learned that the lady was my new mummy, and I had a new brother and a new sister. I like my old mummy better. My new mummy is strange and so is my new house. I want to go home; I don’t know why I can’t go home.
My teachers always said I'm different. They said I don’t have innocent sparkles in my eyes. I looked for them every day but I couldn’t find them. Maybe Mummy didn’t want me anymore because I don’t have sparkles like the other kids.
My new mummy says she loves me, she said my old mummy did too. I wonder what my next mummy will be like. Will she love me like the other two?