Ned Kelly's Last Stand

The thunderous boom of his terrorising voice, crackling like a bull whip slashing the warm air, raised to the absolute max this vile excuse for a bush ranger could possibly reach, the sound of pure rage poring from his crumbling lips sulking out into the air bursting from he’s corrupted heart on behalf of his devilish family. Steam ravaging from his ears like an old steam train ploughing the snow.

Completely frozen in an arctic prison of fear struck down with terror, slammed down onto his two faced life, bringing forth an electrifying shock like no other. Completely smashed with the ravaging betrayal he found himself unable to devour. Mixed with the fact that he’d sadly fallen for, as an unfortunate yet victim to this obliterating situation of tremendous disbelief.

Armed with a wooden shot-gun, backed up with the vicious blast of the raging wind and ingénues skill of a computer, loaded ready for this devastating situation of battle he’d been tormented to. Protecting himself with a historical suit of armour made from rock hard pieces of steel farm plough, and hope that luck was on his devious side.

R aging towards the filthy door, hanging from its rusted hinges, bolted into the split wood. Bursting from the rickety veranda, rattling like a maraca, steaming towards the stairs in a drop built into this poor place. Throttling down the rusty steps, it’s suspension barely able to keep it’s miserable shape trying to stiffen up to prevent the destruction of the hotel they’d sadly chosen as a hide out for the gang of infamous outlaws, known as the Kelly gang of devious devils Never the less being a rather considerable place, still showing little importance at the time. Hauling the creaking door from its hinges with extremely little effort.

Ned still bearing no sign of halt, the troopers gazing in an obliterating state of shock, staring at this murderous menace, although in a trance the troops saw through his armour noticing it beared his tensed limbs. Stunned they open fired there arms giving him 28 excruciating piercings with their blood-thirsty ammunition seizing his aching limbs.

As he stumbled down to the pebbled road the relived troopers antagonized over the septic trouble he had caused. A large commotion broke out amongst the surviving troopers after the outlaws arrest was official mostly about what some described as a gift to capture the infamous Ned Kelly.

On the day of he’s trial he was found guilty by the court with no surprise, and was sentence to be hung at the Melbourne jail. He was forced up the stairs the lever was pulled and his famous words came such is life.”