Fairy Tale

I can hear dripping. Each drop sounds like a bomb, echoing across the room. I try to get rid of the loud noise, putting a pillow over my head. Yet the sound is still there.
I look out the window, seeing shops, rest – rooms and a plain rusty sign that said Girl’s Orphanage.
I am Ellie Smith. My parents dropped me at a nice orphanage called Happy Li’l Cottage (HLC) when I was 8.
I was taken care by a lovely lady called Cathy. I loved her and HLC. I was there until I was 10. Then suddenly the place got ruined, the carers lost their jobs. And what happened to us kids? Well, we all were taken to different orphanages. I came to this dump. My back is sore from the mattress; my neck hurts because of the bad pillow and my stomach is empty. Soon, we will we woken up to eat a thin slice of toast and half a glass of milk.
I go up and have a drink. I feel sleepy and I think of delicious food, warm clothes, and comfy beds…
“WAKE UP LAZY GIRLS!!!!!!!!” A screech fills the room, from Miss Hartley.
“GET UP YOU! LAZY THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“WE ARE NOT LAZYYYYY!!” Moans Katie, who always moans.
I couldn’t stand this. I want to find Cathy. I want her to adopt me.
With that, I grab my old bag and shove some things in there, climb out of the window and run in full speed.
I reach somewhere dark and I couldn’t run anymore. I had heard some police sirens here and there, but I am pretty sure they wont be here.
I have a stitch. I very badly need a drink. People were asleep, but I need a place to rest. I knock on the best house I saw and guess who came out?
“Honey! What are doing here! You will be trouble!”
“I hate that dump Cathy! Please adopt me! I can’t stand another day there, waking us up at midnight, giving us hardly anything to eat and yelling at us, calling us lazy and idiots.”
“I will adopt you. I got another good job, and a get paid more than I expected. Look, lets go back.”
When we got there, there were three or four police cars, a group of policemen and women standing around a very nervous looking Miss Hartley.
“I don’t know sir, one minute she was there and then all I see is that her bag and some of things are gone and the window was open! Wait! There she is! Ellie! Why did you run away?”
“Hello Miss H, I am getting adopted.”
There have been some kids who got adopted. Usually Miss H is happy, but when I said I was getting adopted,, she did a really strange thing.
She fainted.
Why did she faint? I don’t know. And I didn’t care.
Like in a fairytale.


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