Taken Away

Taken Away
When I was five years old I had a pet budgie.
I loved him, I cherished him and then he was gone. Swept away in the wind and lost in the forest we call our backyard. I remember searching for days and days, until my mother told me it would be no good. That he was gone forever.
I cried my eyes out, and to this day, I have never had another pet.
I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. Some people think I’m over-reacting, but they don’t understand. He was my best friend in the whole world and it goes to show how quickly things most dearest to you can be gone.
In my fourth year of primary school, there was a little girl living a few houses down the road from us. She was the most adorable little girl you’d ever seen. She had baby blue eyes and long blonde hair, which her mother always plaited. Two, long gorgeous plaits that hung over the front of her dress. One day her parents were invited to a work lunch, and so they hired her a sitter. She was playing outside in the long grass and tripped. She fell and hit her head on a nearby rock and was instantly dead.
It just goes to show how quickly life can be taken away.
In my high school years, there was an old man who used to tell me stories.
Beautiful stories about all the places he had been and the people he’d met. Every day there was another story to be told. Everyone’s story was important, he told me. He encouraged me to write down my feelings in a journal so that one day, I could be the story-teller.
He had a great grand-daughter. She was ten years old and she was his world. He loved her so much and she came to visit him every Saturday. She had short, black hair and piercing green eyes. Everybody loved her. She was one of those people who could capture your attention just by being in the room.
She was playing baseball once and the ball flew onto the road. She went to get it and there was someone speeding along the road.
She died that day.
After that, he became really quiet. He wouldn’t talk to anybody anymore, not even me. He never told another story and wouldn’t even go outside.
He must’ve thought it was all too much because they found him in the barn. Dead.
He had hung himself.
It just goes to show how quickly life can be taken away.
I am thirty-seven years old now, with children of my own. I am writing this story to share with you.
I hope you understand just how quickly life can be taken away.


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