Oh To Be A Sailor

Oh to be a sailor,
And live among the fish,
I’d sail the open seas,
And cook the opening dish.

I’d wobble around the boat deck,
Getting drenched by the salty sea,
I’d vomit over the boat rail,
Oh a sailor I will be.

I’ll say goodbye to my family,
With tears in my eyes,
I’d write letters home every day,
With songs and tales and lies.

I’ll get with all the sailors,
And flirt with all the guys,
I’ll have many one night stands,
And give them short goodbyes.

I’ll start to feel homesick,
And maybe even cry,
So I try to write home every day,
With a promise I won’t die.

And when the time comes,
For me to go back home,
I’ll say goodbye to my fellow sailors,
And off home I will rome.

I’ll miss my time in the navy,
My sailor’s hat and shoes
I’ll miss going to the pubs,
And drinking all the booze.
Beth J. Ford