Ode To Jennifer

Your magnificent eyes, dark emeralds aflame

Your silky bronzed hair, still perfect in rain

The way you walk, a light antelope in prance

So cheerful and happy, ever ready to dance

Your lithe brazilian figure, I marvel through the days

How beautiful you do become in the wondrous sunshine rays

On those rare moments, when your eyes meet mine

I feel a warm pleasure and a chill down my spine

When I hear your sweet laughter, a melodious tune

I feel alive, full of joy; I could fly to the moon

I sit idly nigh, always wishing you'd see

Perhaps even come and sit down next to me

I watch how you smile, and send jolts through my heart

Your sensual features a fine work of art

Sometimes as I watch the evenings amber sun

I calm myself down, from thoughts weighing a tonne

The soothing tone invigorates my mind,
as have you, always so kind.