Get Better Soon

I don't believe that this is bigger than you, so don't try and ignore that it's killing you. Cause everybody's here for you and your not alone, there are a lost of us who. Friend and family filled with worries, you say your fine, you must know that we see through that.

Yes it's sad. Anyway that i can help, let me know I've shown that I'll do anything for you and your family.

Never wanting to say goodbye.
Never wanting to let you leave.
You know it's true, it's not your fault what happened, happened.
But it's time to let you know.

Your the one who is being lied to each and everyday. It's time to change that, time to tell you the truth.

I got a phone call said your getting stronger everyday. I knew you would pull through, if you tried. My thoughts are with you even though your far. Get Better Soon.

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