Sacrifice Kills

Sacrifice is the hardest part of all,
When death can creep up on us from behind,
Yet everything is for a purpose,
Even though we fight with only the mission in mind,

Our families and loved ones, stay back and worry,
That the pound on the door will come,
And when it does, it haunts them all,
And they mourn, at what I have become,

Yet the people, who don’t get that knock,
Have lots of prayers to say,
Because they can see their loved one, all again,
And when they do, they can all say its okay,

But on the battlefield war is not over,
When love and peace are thrown behind,
They are still serving our country,
And while they do, it opens our mind,

Cause when it is done, and finished,
Only few will come back home,
But the ones that don’t, get a memorial service,
And their spirits are let roam.

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