Lady Hulk

2nd February 2006
Dear diary,
Life sucks. And it smells in here. As usual, I wind up being caught in total humiliation, so I hide out at the toilets. Only in the fourth cubical, though. I never cry, I just hyperventillate. A daily- no, an hourly routine actually. A whopper of an embarrassment. I mean who wants to be friends with a short, plump, dork with a green face that catches every eye in this whole city? It’s the first week of school and already I’m making a name for my-self. No, not the good sort, but the one that goes around the whole school, and ends up even worse than it first was. I’m tired of getting teased every single day. I can’t even pass a small group of people without being noticed. No explanation just yet. Why? Three words: I HATE science.

2nd February 2006
Dear diary,
Life is not getting any better (sigh). Well… I guess it has only been an hour since I last wrote, but I think I’m ready to share my latest embarrassment, since you’re my only friend.
My new nickname is Lady Hulk. And you know that I don't naturally have a green face, but I do now. It’s not because I think it’s cool or anything… It’s nothing but a practical joke. Okay let me get one thing straight. I love science. Never mind about what I said before. I love science no matter what. It’s just my favoritism for science has died down (but only just a little!).
I was experimenting on my latest project at school. And, well one of my experiment went terribly wrong. POOF, WHAM, BANG! It exploded. All over my clothes, my hair, and my face.
This happened yesterday afternoon, apparently because Jacob put grass and lettuce in my formula. I have to stay green for a week. To me, it will seem like forever.

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