Harriot The Witch

harriot was a mean old hag , when kids even step on of their tiny feet on her old ratty never been mowed lawn she would run after them with her brown old demented walking stick.no one liked her at all.once on a bright and beautiful day everyone decided to go to the park and so did the witch the secong she hopped on her ratty old broom stick which she can barley balance on because she is so darn fat and the clouds went grey and it started raing and there was lightning and everybody flleed home because they knew one thing , the witch is comin to town.

you see harriot was so ugly she made even the wicked witch of the west look like a queen and she was even stinkier than my brothers socks after a ten km hike and she also wasent very nice , scratch that she wasent nice at all.
she had long hair that was black as the sky when she hops on her broom stick that was all ratty and needed a godd wash , make that a very good wash
and she wore clothes that made her look like she just came from a time machine from the 10th century. she likes cooking food that would make you faint one of her recipes include hrse poo,old gym socks,pigs vomit,and just a touch of worm urinei know what your thinkin she couls not get any more worse.
or could she . her hobbie is scaring little children till they cry and making necklaces out of fish eyes.her other hobbies are cooking(which as you can see she wasent very good at),craft(which she wasent very good at) and knitting ( which she also wasent very good at )

thank you for reading my story about harriot the witch.



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