T.E.A.R (The Exorcist And Rumble)

The place was dark, damp and it smelled of urine but it was a lot safer than above. My name is Rumble Avagen and I have been living underground for about three days now, hiding from the Exorcist.
Allow me to explain. The Exorcist are robots designed to enforce law by doing whatever means necessary even if that meant killing. The Exorcist was built 20 years ago around 2017, back when I was only one. According to their Exorcist creator, Dr. Grove, they were built to enforce justice upon those who do not obey the laws of God. Of course, the citizens of Noreville agreed to this compelling idea, but with the new Exorcist, new laws were enforced - such as ‘No Littering!!’ or ‘No black-coloured houses!!’ Whoever was caught disobeying these laws was immediately sent to jail or taken to the HQ and killed. I didn’t mean to get in trouble or become the most wanted on the Exorcist list, but it just happened.
It was a warm summer evening, the clouds soaked blood red whilst the sun set. I took a sip out of my Roke, the new and improved coke and latest drink in Noreville. I had just come home from my job in the Exorcist HQ; that’s right, I worked there but only because I despised the Exorcist and I wanted to get rid of them for good; the only way for me to do that was if I worked inside. I worked as the Head Exorcist Locations, meaning I was the one responsible for locating the Exorcist. As long as I was the head of something, I was able to get into the corporate meetings which means I could have a chance of getting rid of the Exorcist.
Slowly I looked down, the streets seeming to go down in an endless plummet with hover cars swooping everywhere but below I could just make out an Exorcist carrying someone, probably to HQ. I looked at the creation in disgust - it made me furious seeing someone being take away from everything by an Exorcist.
A door knock shook my thoughts. I made my way to the door, the creak of the floorboards followed my heavy footsteps. When I opened the door, a man dressed in a black suit appeared before my eyes, his face was covered with a brimmed hat and handkerchief. But I knew exactly who he was: Robert Loge, a rebellion against the Exorcist. He had been visiting me more frequently lately.
“You know what you must do, Rumble; you’ve tried talking to them and that failed. Now you must get the Exorcist’s information from inside the science bureau.”
I knew that was the only choice left, so I agreed and of course that led me to the situation I’m in now: I got caught and now I'm hiding from the Exorcist.
A ripping noise came from above me. ‘Exorcist!’ I thought. Right at that moment I started running for my life.