The Thunderbolt

Finalist in the 'Pieces of Paradise 2010/2011' competition

Greek mythology says that Zeus told only his daughter Athena where he hid his thunderbolts.
“How much longer Dad?” asked Athena. She was waiting for her best friend Pallas to come over and play in the garden. Their garden was really pretty and they played there a lot. “Soon your friend will be here Athena.” said her dad Zeus. As soon as Pallas came over, they ran into the garden.
“What game should we play?” asked Athena. “Hide and seek!” said Pallas. Pallas hid first and Athena started to look for her. First she looked in the bushes, but Pallas wasn’t there. So she looked in the flower beds but Pallas was not there either. Hmmm thought Athena, I wonder if she is in the fish pond? So she looked in the pond but Pallas must have been hiding in a really good hiding place. Where can she be? thought Athena. She decided to go and look behind the large orange tree. As she reached around behind the tree she felt a handle on the bark. She opened the door and saw many glowing white thunderbolts. Athena realised that this must be the tree her dad had told her about, where he hid his thunderbolts. Shall I tell Pallas about this? thought Athena. I know Pallas won’t tell anybody. She called out “Pallas! The game is over, come and look what I found.” Pallas came running over to see what Athena had to show her. “Whoa!” said Pallas, “What are they?” Athena said “They are my Dad’s thunderbolts. He told me that he kept them in a tree but I didn’t know which one.” Pallas said in a quiet voice, “Should we try one?” Athena said “Yeah...” but she was a bit unsure. Pallas said “I’ll go first” and she pulled one out of the tree. She turned away from Athena and held it above her head and threw it down on the ground. There was an enormous bang! Both girls covered their ears. The thunderbolt had left a small crater in the lawn. Pallas said “That was cool, you try it!” Athena grabbed one from the tree and held it above her head. Just as she was about to throw it, her dad came running because he had heard the noise. “NO! Athena,” he shouted. This frightened Athena and she turned a bit as she let go of the thunderbolt. Again there was an enormous Bang! Athena could not believe what happened. Her dad calling out had made her let go of the thunderbolt too late and she had accidentally thrown it at her friend. Pallas was laying on the ground not moving. She cried out “Pallas!” Athena ran to her father sobbing “Help her daddy, help her!” But it was too late. “There is nothing I can do Athena.” She had lost her best friend.
In memory of her best friend, Athena changed her name to Pallas Athena.


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