I Died 80 Year Too Young

I died 80 years too young under the old gum tree in the deserted desert planes where no one could be seen and this is my story as a refuge.

My country's at war and i have no defence nor family but what i did have was a little shiny penny that was really heavy that my family left me before they went to what they call up there in the cloudy sea. They also left me with a sentence that lead me to this dreadful state. They said this penny Is not made of metal nor cooper, it It is made of something valuable and I must never spend it.

Bombs were landing everywhere and. I didn't want to be one of the many that die a sudden death by a bomb landing near their land. So I set of as a young refuge, aimlessly wearing and bringing only a tattered old rag hoping to find a war free country that I can live and survive in as a successful refuge.

So there I am laying next to the old gum tree looking at the last shines of sun light of my life.

I died 80years too young