Labyrinth Of A Mind

I slowly pushed open the door to the abandoned house, my pale blue clothes swaying in the howling wind.
That damn back gate is banging again. I thought I told that boy to fix it! No, no, that cannot be. I’ve never been here before. I was just looking for shelter from the coming storm. The door blew shut behind as I stepped into the house. Darkness.
Thankfully, the eerie silver glow of the moon seeped into the room. What was I dong here? Oh yes, looking for shelter from the storm. What was I doing on the streets? That even I didn’t know.
Beside me was a grimy cracked mirror. I stared into it but an old woman stared back! I was shocked but I couldn’t take my eyes off that woman. She had leathery skin and silver hair that hung in ragged clumps around her face. For a moment, I knew it couldn’t possibly be me but those eyes, yes, those icy blue eyes were definitely mine.
What was I doing here again?
I suddenly jumped when I heard banging at the door. Now who would have the nerve to bang on my door at this hour?
“Twenty-six! We know you’re in there!” Said a rough male voice.
I’d heard of that number before, it was branded on my forearm.
Quick! The closet at the end of the hall! I threw myself into the pitch black. A smart one always kept a box of matches in the corner.
Fortunately within moments, the closet was filled with a dull yellow glow. This light was enough to allow me to see the massive newspaper page that was plastered to the back wall of the closet.
MOTHER OF FOUR SLAUGHTERS FAMILY, said the headline in block letters.
Single mother, Mary O’brian, admits to killing her four children: Jessica [age 7], Simone [age 9], Josh [age 10] and Daniel O’brian [age 12]. ‘Not to wake-‘
I gasped as the match burnt my finger. The darkness weaved itself around me again.
“Those snot-nosed little pricks deserved it,” sneered a voice.
I covered my mouth in horror only to realise that it was my lips that were moving.
“I told them to keep quiet, they wouldn’t listen! But I taught them a lesson. Mummy taught you a lesson didn’t she?”
I went into a fit of hysterical laughter. No! This wasn’t me! This voice was so full of hatred, so crazy.
“Don’t wake mummy!” I shrieked. “DON’T WAKE MUMMY!”
The closet doors cracked open and I fell silent.
“I told you she would be here again,” said one of the large men staring down at me. “She’s always here.”
“Alright,” said the other man, “let’s get you back to the ward Mrs O’Brian.”
“Don’t wake mummy,” I whispered.
“Yes, yes. We know, Mrs O’Brian, “ said the first man, “we won’t wake mummy.”
And once again I was outside in the storm, my pale blue clothes billowing in the howling wind.

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