The door was wide open so I proceeded into the room, to find my siblings. Bella, Alice, and Jacob stood up and went out, as I went forth perched on the cushion beside the window ledge. I was vigilant as I stared out the foggy window, looking out for the worst thing that could happen to our kind: Extra-terrestrials. Everyday, one member of our family is on look out, watching carefully for a sign of these aliens. Father told me aliens were horrible things that killed mercilessly. The things they did were macabre. I shivered, not because of the cold, but because of the thought of aliens destroying our house. As I watched the rain, my eyelids drooped; it wouldn’t hurt to sleep…
I woke up to an eerie silence. I tiptoed out to see Jacob and my father frozen in the common room. Mother and my sisters were huddled in a corner. Jacob glared at me. I opened my mouth to say something and thought better of it. Thump. No, it couldn’t be, my heart sank with guilt. “I heard them” growled an alien in deep cultured voice. “I tell you, you’re hearing things” snapped another in nasal voice. BANG! A strange silver thing, shot through the door, and collided into a vase with an earsplitting crash. Pieces of glass ricocheted off the walls. Bella squeaked. That did it. “THEIR IN THERE” roared the alien. Suddenly my family sprang into action, Jacob and my father packing as much as they could, my mother in the kitchen gathering food. Alice and Bella sat silently, as i stood in the midst of it all. I grabbed my sling bag and headed in the kitchen. I paused, then mother spoke, sounding quite hysteric. “Were you on lookout?” I remained silent. She stopped working. Outside I could hear the aliens bickering. “Abigail Louise Inkpaw, you have put your family in danger.” said mother. I bit my lip. I headed out side to meet eyes full of accusation and disappointment. I pushed past the door. Suddenly a great big furless hand wrapped around my waist. Adrenaline rushed through my veins but I was unable to move, its grip was too tight. Abruptly it screamed, and doing so let me go. I scampered around picking up all my possessions, through the corner of my eye; I could see Jacob, with his incisors in the flesh of the alien.
I hid in the mulberry bush beside me. “5 fat dormice for dinner” said a nasal voice. BANG. My mother squealed .BANG, BANG. Jacob and father squeaked. My chest felt hollow, like my heart had sunk to the abyss. I scampered out of the bush, as the two aliens retreated. I broke into a sprint, the wind rushing past me. I ran till it was twilight, in a meadow, when my legs gave out. Tears welled up and spilled, my mother’s words haunted me. I closed my eyes, wondering if I would resurface from this nightmare.



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