Once upon a dream time, there lived three beautiful fairies. Their names were Hazel, Fibi and Angelina. All of the fairies longed to have adventure. They lived in a small cottage with little flowers blooming all over it. The fairies lived on Fairy Land.
Everything was going so well at Fairy Land until one day a horrible drought came and all of the little flowers began to die. The food and water was slowly drying out and the only way to fix the drought was by visiting the Fairy Queen herself.
The Fairy Queen lived a long way away and to be able to visit the Fairy Queen the fairies would be challenged by three very tricky tests.
Firstly, you need to cross the bridge of laughter. People always said when you cross the bridge you will always burst out with laughter - like crazy!
Secondly, you have to go through the forest of tickling trees. The trees tickle you until you have stopped moving.
Finally, you need to cross the wobbly bridge, full of wobbles. It is a very old wobbly bridge that wobbles from side to side when you cross it.
The fairies all woke at sunrise ready to start their journey to visit the Fairy Queen.
After walking for hours they finally reached the bridge of laughter. Together the fairies decided to run as fast as they could across the bridge so they would not start to laugh like crazy. They counted down 3, 2, 1, go! The fairies were off sprinting faster than a cheetah and leaving a trail of dust falling behind them. When they reached the end of the bridge their knees were aching with pain. The fairies were panting with exhaustion as they stood at the end of the bridge crouching with their hands on their knees.
As the fairies approached the forest, everywhere they looked they saw bright green grass, trees and plants. They were not very sure of how to get through. Suddenly Fibi came up with a brilliant idea. They would get dressed up like plants and slowly make their way through the forest. As they made their way through they slowly looked from side to side checking if the trees had noticed them. The fairies managed to make it through the forest safe and sound. Angelina congratulated Fibi on her great idea.
It was then that the fairies came to their final test which was to cross the bridge of wobbles. Hazel took two brave steps but the bridge began to collapse. Luckily her friends saved her from the horrible fall.
Hazel came up with a great idea which was to fly across but then the other fairies remembered they could not fly because they did not have any flying fairy dust. Fibi and Angelina both began to feel and look very glum. Hazel surprised them greatly when she took three bags of fairy flying dust from her pocket that she had packed just in case. Excitedly the fairies all sprinkled a pinch of fairy dust over each of themselves and each other. Soon after the three beautiful fairies were in the air flying like the wind with very big smiles.
When they landed on the other side of the wobbly bridge they saw a garden path that lead up to a silver, sparkly building. The Fairy Queen walked out of her palace and looked down at the three girls. The Fairy Queen was wearing a white dress with silver and gold sequins all over it. She also had long blond hair.
“What brings you on your travels to my glorious kingdom?” said the Queen in a kind voice.
Angelina shyly stepped forward. “We came here to ask you if we could have some pixy dust because our home is drying up and all of the flowers are dying”, said Angelina in a shy voice.
The Queen thought about it for a while and then went into her palace and came back out with a small brown bag.
”This dust shall help you with your garden”, replied the Queen.
They thanked the Queen very much and headed home. The fairies sprinkled the fairy dust throughout the whole garden. Within hours everything started to come back to normal except this time the flowers had very bright colours and were all glittery and shimmered in the sunlight. Fibi, Angelina and Hazel all looked at each other and began laughing then started to dance throughout their very special garden!!
The end!!!!!!!


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