MAGIC FOREST WRITTEN BY: Katelyn Bassett-Wilton

MY friend Vanessa and I have a special key to a magic forest, hidden in the school grounds. No-one knows of its existence, as they lack imagination.
When the iron-gate is open, we are thrust into a mythical world, full of yellow and black spotted Salamanders with amazing smiles; Pegasus’s with white bodies and smooth golden wings. There are also deadly species, some with three, thick heads called Chimera. There are unicorns galore, Lions and Nue’s with monkey shaped heads and the body of a dog and a snaky tail. There are golden coloured phoenix erupting into flames; centaurs who use their legs to kick and maim. There are many more species, too many to tell of here.
Vanessa and I have developed useful spells and charms to attract unicorns and to protect ourselves In this sacred world.
Many people don’t believe in magic or mythology, to them the world is an empty place; hard evidence is what they need! I believe by faith and imaginings.