After The Setting Sun

Finalist in the 'Writers Wanted 2011 - Timeless Tales' competition

Vibrant orange and glowing magnificently, the sun set below the horizon. Rays of the little light left shone down, streaking the silent country side. Nothing but the soft mooing of the cows, and the distant barking of dogs, could be heard, as the fluffy white clouds raced across the sky. The perfectly mown, green grass swayed, along with the towering trees, against the soft breeze that blew. A soft sigh of happiness escaped my throat. What wonder, beauty. It’s not often that you get to experience anything such as this. But standing on my back patio, here I was, watching this amazing sight.

As the sun slowly set in the sky, darkness gave way, and the sun was replaced with the pale, glowing moon, that shone nearly as brightly as the sun, along with the many magnificent stars. I got up off my cushioned seat and walked over to the small table a few meters away, where the telescope sat. I lent over the table and peered through the cool lens of the telescope to see the world in a whole different perspective.

I squinted as I looked at a familiar star, well, a planet, which appeared to be Mars. A shooting star shot across my vision, gleaming and bright, almost sparkling. Beauty comes in many shapes and forms, but nothing can be compared to beauty such as the one I was currently viewing. Little droplets of sparkling water filled the telescope lens, as dark clouds began to obscure my vision of the night sky. I sighed, but instead of ignoring the rain and packing up my things, I simply pushed all my possessions underneath the shelter, dropped to the floor and lay on the slightly damp grass, staring up at the beautiful night sky, letting the water drop onto my face, enjoying life.

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