Ghost Who Walks

A long time ago a legend was born
With a ship invaded by pirates
In the midst of this battle a father was slain
And his son washed away to the shore

He walked enraged upon the shore
And discovered the dead pirate who had killed his pa
Unable to take revenge on this man
Upon his skull he swore an oath of vengeance

“I devote my life to fight piracy, greed and injustice
My descendents will follow me”
As his sons followed, and their sons
The natives believed it the same man, thus immortal.

400 years, 21 generations
Spent their lives fighting evil
Clad all in purple, pistol in hand
A wolf and a horse by his side

He rules from a throne decorated with skulls
In a skull cave, hidden in the deep woods
Surrounded by pygmies with arrows of poison
He is the jungle protector