Wallace The Worm

One early morning Wallace the worm lay nervous in his dark hole. Pounding noises vibrated the creature’s eardrums. Falling muddy dirt in the darkness filled his vision. A crashing rock sent a chill down his small spine.
Wallace was a pale white colour and had black stripes the size of the tip of a pencil. His skin had a slimy texture and his tail was as red as flickering flames. His two glowing eyes penetrated the darkness. Small brown rings lined his body.
In an instant a dirty piece of metal smashed through the sand surrounding him. Light filled his eyes as he was raised above the soil. Two faces stared at him in excitement. “I’ll put him in my pocket,” one of the boys declared as the invertebrate was dropped into darkness. He fell softly like raindrops on autumn leaves.

The pocket was filled with sticky chocolate wrappers and a pair of grey gloves. The worm nestled into the glove hoping he would escape. Suddenly a pink hand reached into the pouch. “Here they are,” the boy snapped.

The schoolboy reached out for the gloves and thanked him. “No problem Tom,” the other boy replied. Tom slipped the glove on. Mud fell onto the ground as the glove skidded up his hand.

“Ah,” screamed the schoolboy as his fingertip reached the end.

“What is it?” asked the other boy.
“Help me Fred. It’s a worm!” squealed Tom as he frantically waved his arm. Fred leant over and easily yanked the glove off Tom’s skinny arm.

“Thank you Tom,” sighed Fred breathing heavily. Tom reached into the glove and pulled out the squished invertebrate

“How did that worm get in there?” questioned Fred.

“Maybe it got in there when you dropped it in your pocket?” inquired Tom.

“Yeah, that’s probably what happened,” Fred responded nodding his head.

The worm was shoved into a green plastic container. His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness surrounding him. “Where am I?” Wallace mumbled to himself. He could see small shadows and crumbs.

Abruptly the container was shaken. The young insect was smashed against the sides and squished against the lid. Suddenly the shaking stopped and the invertebrate finally saw light as the lid cracked open. “Ha ha,” the two boys laughed viciously.

Fred picked up Wallace and studied him closely. “Here, put him on that tree stump over there,” the schoolboy ordered.

“Ok,” Tom responded with a smirk. The boy grabbed the worm off Fred and threw him at the stump. The invertebrate hit the wood and collapsed in a sprawled heap.

The schoolboys jogged to the stump laughing loudly. Wallace looked up to see the boys were holding trowels. They both had massive grins on their faces and were approaching the worm quickly. The trowels were lifted above their heads and were struck downwards. The last thing Wallace felt was the sharp edge of the trowel severing his mauled body.

Lochlan Eynon 11
68 Summerhill Drive Stakehill 6181
Year 6 Frederick Irwin Anglican School Mandurah