A Bad Day At School

A bad day at school

One dark and stormy night a little girl named Sophie was sleeping. She had a dream about pretty unicorns and fairies. Then her mum and dad woke Sophie up and said” darling its time to wake up” Sophie groaned.” I don’t want to go to school” Sophie said”why?”Said her mum shaking Sophie.” Because I know something bad is going to happen” Sophie exclaimed.” I doubt that something bad is going to happen today” said dad. So Sophie got up and ate some pancakes, then she got dressed and done her hair. It was school photo day. “Bye mum see you later”. Sophie was walking to the bus stop until she saw her friend Megan.” Hi Megan, I like your hairstyle” “thanks Sophie”. Megan’s hair was in two plats on each side of her head. As Sophie and Megan were running to the bus stop Sophie’s hair which was in a high bun fell apart “oh no, just look at my hair!” “Come on or we will miss the bus” Megan said. So Sophie and Megan ran and jumped onto the bus. “I’m glad we made the bus” Sophie said. “Why?” Megan asked. “Because we are pretty late” Sophie said angrily. When they got to school they made it just in time for the photo. “What on earth happened to your hair?” said Mrs Brinks. “It’s a long story I’ll tell you in a minute. “Well come on tell me”. So Sophie and Megan told Mrs Brinks what happened. “My that was bad, here let me do your hair. Do you have your hair brush?” Asked Mrs Brinks. “Yep” said Sophie happily. So Mrs Brinks did Sophie’s hair and then just when the camera men took the photo the water pipe had leaked! “Everyone RUN!” Everyone was running and screaming. The principle called the plumber. After that a fire started! “Darn” said one of the yr 5 kids. So everyone was running, screaming and yelling. Just then a little kindergarten kid fell and broke her ankle! “Oh no I think I’m about to faint.” After that a fire engine came and squirted water at the fire. “Now lets call an ambulance and quick!” .Then an ambulance came.” let’s take you to the hospital young lady “. So the kid hopped into the back of the van and they picked up Mrs Brinks that fainted and it drove off. After that the bell rang and all the kids ran out and jumped into their cars. When Sophie got home she told her parents what had happened today.” I told you today was going to be a bad day” Sophie exclaimed. That night Sophie tossed and turned. Megan did too

The End.


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