Lara's Hole

It was one o’clock in the afternoon and I was lying in bed, not bothering to get up. It was a dark and gloomy day and all the street lights were on, except for one, it was flickering in the dim sky. There was no sound to be heard except for the faint buzzing of distant cars. I was getting a bit hungry so I decided to get up and have my breakfast.

And that’s when it hit me, did any one let Lara out! Lara is my pet bunny. She is black with floppy ears; she lives in a small wooden hutch. I went outside to the back yard but Lara was no where to be seen. On the middle of the lawn was her hutch, with a huge hole through its roof. I was shocked! What could have made that massive hole?

I decided to look around the backyard to try and find Lara bunny, I looked everywhere but she was no where to be seen. Wait! In a corner of the garden there was a giant hole with strands of rabbit fur all over it. Lara couldn’t have made it, could she? I walked over to the massive hole and stared down it “LARA” I called but she wasn’t there.

The only way I was going to solve the mystery of the giant hole was to enter it. I quickly ran inside and got a torch. I ran back out side and stared blankly at the huge hole that was facing me, I was scared!
It was now or never, I thought to myself. I took one large step into the dense hole and fell to my knees, it was too small for me to walk. I started crawling on my knees. About an hour later I could see light. I started to pick up the pace and eventually made it to the end of the hole. I could see huge grey mountains covered in odd looking soldiers with huge ears, they were carrying ancient weapons and were wearing odd looking armour. I decided to go and check them out; I started sneaking over to them. When I reached them they looked a bit like rabbits they had long ears pointing out the back of their helmets, except for one rabbit. It had long black ears hanging down over its shoulders, this soldier looked familiar. It was Lara!
“Lara is that you?” I said to the odd looking soldier. “Yes, it is I” the soldier replied, “how did you find this secret war zone?” she asked.
I was flabbergasted. Suddenly flying over the mountains came a huge gang of dragons.
“Attack!” yelled the chief rabbit.
Spears were flying every where, the dragons were defeated.

All of the soldiers turned into rabbits and hopped away except for one; it was Lara. I picked her up and began the long journey back through the hole. I never spoke of this adventure; I didn’t want people to call me mad.

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