Necessity Of Perfection

The date is now 12/12/1995. My name is Murdock Knox. The area was a cell, locked from society like a crazed cannibalistic human. All I've come to become, a monstrous mistake by nature. The reason for my being here shall be explained to you later. Over five months, I plotted my escape from Dragonhead State Penitentiary.
This conversation is just between me and you.
Listen carefully because i will not repeat myself.
I selflessly slaughtered someone and was sent there. I wanted to prove that my brain could prevail every obstacle. My mind didn't allow me to lower myself to dig a hole, or anything cliche. I walked out the doors with nothing to stop me, and left without a trace. But I still feel bad about the soul I let get caught. His name still lingers.... Jack.
Every month, in the darkness of the night, the electrical source would be shut down so it's power could be replenished. Before that happened, there was conflict in the cafeteria, keeping the officers busy during which time he and I fled. Studies showed that the best place to escape was out the back, four hundred meters of nothing surrounded by walls with armed gunmen just waiting to fire in the outskirts, then the small man-sized door to freedom.
"Don't look back," I said.
Then he started running, like a runaway slave, his cautious eyes staring at the clueless gunmen. With fifty meters to liberation, light broke through the darkness, and two hundred gunmen from the back and the front surrounded Jack. Bang, Bang, Bang, and his blood filled the floor. Of course, this is only my imagination of the event, because I wasn't anywhere near him for seven hundred meters, at least.
It's sad, what I did. While he had taken the back, I was behind the door of the front. When power came back, all gunmen went to the back to attack the escapee, leaving the front empty. So with all officers separating the convicts inside, and all the gunmen filling Jack with lead, there was nothing to stop me. But with him dead, it wasn't the perfect ending to the perfect plan.
"Finally, I caught up to you. Listen, I found a way out this hell. In five days...... We'll talk later, too many people snooping around. When high tide comes, you either ride with me or die here. You'll know all the details soon enough. Are you with me Jack?"
"Of course."
"Then you can see your family again."
"What family?"
"Oh yeah, I forgot."
WHO AM I KIDDING?! He was exactly what this event required. So clueless, so naive, so lonesome. When he died, no one shed a tear. So scratch out what I said before, because he WAS the perfect person for the perfect ending for the perfect plan.

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