Kayla's Dream

Kayla’s Dreams

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kayla. She wanted to paint pictures, big ones, that the whole world could see. So you can see Kayla had a big dream, but she felt she couldn’t tell her parents about her dreams. She didn’t know what they thought of her art.

When it was night time, Kayla went straight into her pyjamas and swooped into bed. She dreamt that she was a famous artist. When Kayla was dreaming she said to herself “in the morning, I will tell my parents that I am a good artist”.

Kayla woke up in the morning and said ‘’yes! Today is the day! I’m so excited’’. Kayla went up to her parents and shouted “my paintings are good!” “Who said we didn’t like your paintings, darling?” said her parents. “I thought you didn’t love my paintings” said Kayla. Her parents did not know what she was talking about.

The next night Kayla popped on her pyjamas and jumped in bed. She dreamt that exact same dream she dreamt last night. There Kayla was snug in bed, Kayla was dreaming that she lived in a beautiful mansion and dreamt of painting her bedroom walls with beautiful flowers, frangipanis, lavender and roses.

Kayla was looking forward to owning her own home. She was dreaming and dreaming, but suddenly “pop” she woke up and got dressed and headed to her favourite shop “Riot Art and Craft Shop”.

By Katja Rindfleish - Year 3 at St Kieran’s Catholic School, Manly Vale


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