The Land Of Sweets


There were once three girls called Lucy, Gabby and Molly who were best friends and all had one thing in common - EATING SWEETS.
One day the three girls went up the street and Gabby yelled out, “What’s that?’’
It was a big, red light, which came closer and closer to them. Suddenly it sucked them in and they vanished.
The girls saw that they were in a strange world and were very frightened.
A little old man with a long, grey beard wearing bright red overalls happily told the three girls that they were in the Chocolate Street of the LAND OF SWEETS.
Everything was made out of chocolate even the rivers. Lucy dipped her hand into the warm, runny river of chocolate and licked her fingers with delight.
Molly squealed with excitement, as she rushed up to a little girl holding a basket of lollipops. The little girl each gave them a giant lollipop, which sparkled every time you licked it. Molly said, “We are obviously in the Lollipop Street”.
Next Gabby smelt the air of freshly baked cookies and gingerbread. She loved cookies and rushed over to the street of gingerbread with her two friends.
Suddenly a cranky gingerbread man came and chased them right out of Gingerbread Street, through Chocolate Street until they stopped and saw the same red light that had got them into the Land of Sweets in the first place.
The three girls all held hands and let the light take them back home.
When they got safely home they all realised that they were still holding their giant lollipops. They all laughed and decided to keep their adventure a secret.

By Gabriella Pedroza

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