Last Breath

Last Breath

“Hey boy, come here,” called the officer. Chopper came right at the officer. Chopper was a German Sheppard dog with brown fur and black splodges all over his slick body. Chopper had an extraordinary sense of smell and his eyes were as black as a cold winter’s night. Chopper belonged to Officer Sam, a tall and strong lady, who was as good as all the male recruits. Her hair was as black as Choppers eyes and her eyes were as brown as chocolate. Chopper and Sam were about to go onto the training field when suddenly, the Chief walked into the kennel and ordered Sam and Chopper into his office.

Sam and Chopper went to the Chief’s office as quick as lightning. They both sat down facing the desk and stared at the Chief. “What’s wrong Chief?” asked Sam. The Chief took a moment to reply.
“Well,” he slowly started, “America’s most wanted, man who was captured two weeks ago has found a way to escape. We have no clues on where he’s gone,” the Chief gave a worried look towards Sam and Chopper. “You think you could help us find him?” Sam looked at Chopper and was about to say yes, but an explosion took place which blew Sam, Chopper and the Chief off their chairs.

Sam tried to find something to grasp on to help her stand up, but the air was so dusty she could barely open her eyes. Then she saw a dark figure with a gun standing at the door. As the dust began to clear, she saw that it was James her partner. He helped the Chief and Sam up and took Choppers leash.”Are you ok Chief?” asked James, as he checked to see if Sam was alright. She had a cut upon her forehead that was bleeding down her face. “What was that?” whispered Sam, with a croaky voice.
Then the door slammed opened and there he was, America’s most wanted man, Denis Parlaty.

All three of them looked at the evil figure. “So I finally meet the one and only Sam,” croaked Denis, in a harsh and evil voice.
“You’ve killed enough people already and now you want more!” bellowed Sam, in a desperate and almost quivering voice. Denis just stood there and laughed. Then he held his gun aimed at Sam, but as Denis pulled the trigger Chopper leaped in front of Sam and took the bullet for her. Chopper let out a painful moan. Sam yelled and wailed as blood began to surround Chopper. While Dennis reloaded his gun, James swiftly aimed his gun at Denis and pulled the trigger.

“BANG!” Denis fell to the floor with a loud THUD. James went to Sam and found that the bullet had gone straight through her as well and she was losing blood fast. With her last breath, she looked at James and stuttered slowly “I have always loved you,” and closed her eyes forever.

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