Last Chance

Last Chance
I woke up to my alarm clock saying”good morning Fedsdale its 6:30am and 15 degrees it looks like another nice day for America”. I lept out of bed and had a quick shower. I got dressed quickly because today was no ordinary day, it’s the day we go on camp. I ran outside and was met by the school bus, it had big black letters on it saying Fedsdale high. I got on the bus and sat next to Jack, my best friend and my girlfriend Steph.
As the bus sets of we start talking about where we are going. “Have you ever been to the Texan bush before” asks Steph. “No” I reply. Steph starts telling me about a myth of the bush, how 2 lovers wonder of and get lost, all of a sudden the bus starts swerving from side to side and comes to a screeching stop.”Don’t worry kids it’s just a flat tyre” yelled the bus driver. For the next 20 minutes everyone was quiet until I turned to Steph and said “are you going to finish your story” “nah” she replied “it’s just about her going missing and him going crazy”
We arrived at the campsite 3 hours later. I pitched my tent up and started looking around until I hear a loud whistle, camp master Lazlo had called us in to say something. He said “To stay close because if you get lost there is no way of making contact with you and also tomorrow morning we will be packing up and going to a different campsite” then walked off.
That night Steph and I went for a walk and decided to lie down under the stars, she lent her head on my shoulder and fell asleep, as did I.
I woke up the next morning, my clothes where wet from the damp ground. I woke staph and we ran to the camp-site. There was nothing there except a burnt out fire and a soggy sheet of paper with all the names on it. They had accidently left us behind. We sat down and made a plan to walk down the same road we had come in.
By night time we got to an intersection with no sign, this is where we were going to stay the night. Steph rolled over and fell asleep immediately as did I. I woke up once from a quiet whisper coming from the tree tops, as I was drifting back to sleep it said” you might lose more than your life”
I woke up the next morning to find myself lying alone. Steph was gone! I panicked and told myself she probably wanted to get an early start on walking I ran as fast as I could down the left hand gravel path. As I was running I saw a bright yellow, flat tyre that said F.S.H on it. I turned and saw a car, I dropped to my knees, and this was my last chance.

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