Fairy Land

Fairy land is a great and exciting place. It's got a waterfall awith a pond at the bottom that the fairies swim in. Surrounding the pond are beautiful coloured flowers and pebbles.
Fairies are terrified of crows and they hide from humans incase they catch them.
Did you know they paint butterflies wings and add a sprinkle of fairy dust on them so they shimmer, glimmer and shine in the sunlight?
Light fairies make a rainbow in the sky after it rains. Garden fairies make flowers grow. Animal fairies make animals fly, swim or even run. Water fairies wear blue dresses. They swim with the tadpoles and also teach them to do backflips and frontflips in the water. Tinker fairies help the other fairies by mending what is broken.
Fairies are born when a baby laughs for the first time.
I love watching fairies when they're not looking.


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