My Country

Finalist in the 'Writers Wanted 2011 - Timeless Tales' competition

I love a sunburnt country, a land of climate change
Flooding in the north, say good bye to sugar cane
Mother Nature is vicious, Victorians know the worst
Black Saturday looms around, scorched earth screeches thirst.
I love a sporting nation, stadiums that cheer and cry
The crowd erupts into tears, a goal that breaks the tie
Our sporting heroes praised, they are true Gods of the game
Over paid salaries, pleasure, pills and pain.
I hate my polluted country, where CO engulfs the air
Inhaled deep into crusted lungs, outstretched arms urging for care
Cities that never sleep, fluorescent lights illuminate the night
Stars light years away, remain hidden, out of sight.
I love an ANZAC legend, one that stands the test of time
Red poppies protrude from the ground, 14 year olds wait in line
Silence over the battle field, a bullet empty mag
Here lie thousands of dead Australians; I'll remember to salute the flag.