A Bad Night

Ellen knew that someone was following her. She could hear the not-so concealed footsteps, and could smell the stench of drunken idiots. She knew the rules for going out at night. Stay on the bright streets, don’t go into an alley and always keep a phone on you.

Unfortunately tonight was the one time she had decided not to follow the rules. It wasn’t really her fault. The streets were crowded and the hot sweaty people had pushed her into a not-so- bright lighted street. This street - by chance - happened to be filled with rusty, sunken bars full of drunken idiots – much like the ones that were following her.
Ellen didn’t even bother to look for the phone in her jeans pocket. The non-existent weight of her mobile was like a flashing light in her head, saying you’re gone; you’re finished, your over, again and again.

She turned a corner and hoped for a bright, crowded street, but unluckily all she saw was a dead-ended alleyway. That’s all the rules broken.
Ellen began to think of the things there’d be to miss when the men caught up with her. Things like chocolate cake, creaming soda, Heath Ledger and even that cute guy, Arthur Bent, from her school.

“Hey.” the slurred words echoed around the alleyway. She turned and froze, seeing two big men starring hungrily at her. “Go away,” Ellen said; mustering all her strength “I don’t want to hurt you.” Even with all her strength it felt like an empty and weak threat. The men laughed and stumbled forward. The dagger glinted in the half-moonlight. Ellen’s breathe caught in her throat. “Come here” their voices crooned at her “We won’t hurt you.” She had doubts that they were telling the truth.

They were close enough now that she could see them licking their teeth, and suppressed a shiver. She closed her eyes and waited. The dagger whooshed through the air and the men shrieked as their stomachs were split open. Ellen kept her eyes closed tight and took a couple of steps back. She waited for the men to die from the bleeding. They screamed louder, but no-one came. No-one ever came in this part of town.

She opened her eyes and winced at the two dead bodies in front of her. She really did hate killing people. Ellen sighed and stepped over the two men, carefully avoiding the deep pooling blood. Why is it that every time she settled down someone had to go and get themselves killed. She wiped the blood from her dagger on a stray piece of paper. Its silvered hilt smugly smiled at her, as she slid it back into the sheath that gently rested below her neck.

Ellen walked slowly out of the alleyway. She was tired of running. Even more, she would miss her date with Arthur Bent. Oh well, she compromised, at least in the next town she’d go to she could meet another boy to make-out with.


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