Fairies Respond

On the 14th of April June’s mother died. She had no other relatives and she refused to live at an orphanage, for she was nearly seventeen. That is how June Jackson became an orphan.

June used to always water her garden when her mother was alive, but now she felt no need, for her life had lost all happiness to her. The smells of the flowers now dying in her backyard no longer smelt of all the good things in the world but of rotting carcasses. The colours in the world didn’t seem quite as bright. It was dull, brown, black and no longer held the memories of June and her mother.

One afternoon when June was lying on her bed, thinking of how much life had changed since her mother had passed away, she saw something flutter in her dead, rotting destroyed garden she remembered her butterfly collection and walked downstairs into the clear crisp autumn air. She see’s the flutter again and goes closer to were it was coming from she goes behind the hydrangea bush now yellowing she went to pick up a dying bud when she saw it start to unfurl she pulled her hand back immediately and stared with intrigue at the flower now several petals were coming off the bud and it was thinning coming towards the centre. June looked a little too close and got pollen in her eyes. By the time she managed to get the pollen out she saw a little person walking along the leaves towards her she let a scream that could’ve killed a cat and the tiny person stopped immediately clamped her staple sized hand to her ears and swayed dangerously on the leaf. She leaned on another bud and it to started to spin June stopped screaming at once and stared stunned at another small person stepped out but this time it was a tiny boy the size of a thimble he was considerably smaller than the tiny girl who had stopped pressing her hands to her ears but still looked nauseous and dizzy. It was amazing June thought how much emotion was clear on such a small face she was snapped out of her thought when she smelt something it smelt like her mother and her perfume the one June loved best and used to wear when she was only a little girl. She followed the smell to the edge of what looked like an ancient forest June had never seen before she snapped out of her daze but only for a second before the enticing smell took over. She walked into a clearing and June saw more little fairies some young some old but none bigger than a clothes line peg she walked into the middle of the clearing and the smell stopped. There was a pause and June thought of running but just then all the fairies surrounded her and tied her up with vines as strong as steel and asked her ‘Why’.


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