Labyrinth Of My Twisted Sin

Snowflakes drift from above, covering the earth with everlasting love.
The echoing footsteps as I walk hearing the breeze blowing the scent of whispered talk.

The cold prickles on my face from the chilling air in this place.
Surrounded of nothing but white I wonder if my path is right.

Each steady footstep that I take I notice every smile I see is fake.
Down this lonely path I walk till the end of the road where I reach a fork.
I make my choice hoping I’m right, secretly knowing my choice will come back to bite.

I push away my hesitant thoughts for this journey of tasks and sorts.
Not once do I look back at every obstacle that I’m taken aback.

But I do not surrender to this cold wintery December.
With an open mind this new year I look forward to a new fear.

I continue down the lonely path and I think about the past and laugh.
Not once will I succumb and give in to this labyrinth of my twisted sin.

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